Stand Free Acres


The Vision:

Seeing young married couples live on campus and learn how to embrace STEWARDSHIP with growing nutrient-rich, vine ripened whole foods while they are gaining other life skills that will help them all through life.

 This proposed campus with garden, small cottages, fruit and nut trees is our goal. All students will work off campus, and will save resources, and will participate in monthly classes, hand-on garden and tree care, communication training, financial skills, historical and civil awareness, and more.

 This 4-month program will give every young married couple a jump start that helps them become strong, resourceful, purposed as they step into their community adult life.

 It is our hope that these pictures can help cast vision for all who visit here and stir their hearts to consider coming along side to help see it become a reality.  (These pictures are intended to bring ideas to the table.  The location and buildings are hypothetical for the purpose of casting vision)  

Currently we are praying for land that has an established orchard and possibly cabins already built.  Hopefully a main building to be used for gatherings, classes, and more.  We are also asking for God to provide the helpers, the resources, guidance and favor with the community it will be established in.   Join us?  We need prayer partners, financial investors, and wisdom from seasoned saints.    

Land Acreage

For more information, please contact us.

~ Steve and Sherry Fry


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